Soft Skills elearning

Soft skills are integral both in and out of the workplace, enhancing a person’s ability to interact effectively with co-workers and customers. Sales training, presentation skills, communication, influencing, team management are just some of the soft skill areas we can design elearning for.

Delivering soft skills training via elearning is often overlooked or considered difficult but our experience shows it works just as well as other subject areas.

Soft_Skills_e-learning_example 1Soft_Skills_e-learning_example 2

The Value of elearning for Soft Skills Training

  • Use videos clips or photos to provide “what would you do” scenarios for people to consider
  • Use a reflective learning writing style which gives key points to ponder
  • Provides tips on best practice techniques

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you deliver soft skills training, then please contact us on 01793 250591 for an initial discussion.

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