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Software Demo Video Production

Screen capture videos which show your customers & prospects how to use your software

Why use software demo videos?

  • Do you need to train your existing customers how to use specific software easily whenever they need it?
  • Would you like to demo the features of the software in way which helps sell the software to your prospective customers?


  • Explain how the software works, step by step
  • Demonstrate how to complete certain tasks on the software
  • Showcase the features of the software to prospective customers

Your screen recording video will be narrated with a professional voiceover explaining what actions are being completed on the screen.

Animations and other video effects will highlight what is being shown in sync with the voiceover.

What’s included?

  1. Outlined video requirements
  2. Writen voiceover script
  3. Storyboard
  4. Recorded screen actions
  5. Graphics, moving text, video effects
  6. Recorded script using professional voiceover artist
  7. Background music
  8. Your company logo at start and end of video
  9. Final video in format required

The result?

An easy to follow video which shows your audience how to use the system.

Would you like to showcase your software features?

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How we create software demo videos

Our table above outlines our process for producing the video. We work with you throughout the process where you:

Review up to 3 versions of storyboard

Agree a style of graphic and text

Select from a choice of voiceover artists to record the script

Select from a choice of licensed background music

Review up to 3 versions of the product video

Who Records The Voiceover For My Animated Explainer Video?

Last Updated: 08 Feb 2018
Animated videos can be produced with a voiceover narration, or without. For videos with narration, first the script is written, reviewed and edited. In our opinion and experience, it’s best to use a professional voiceover artist to record your video script. Here’s why...
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