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Why is it important to use video?

Getting your brand noticed and your message understood is a challenge. It’s proven that one of the most effective ways of communicating is by using video.

Video is everywhere – and everyone loves video. It helps your audience understand:

  • What you do
  • Your products and services
  • Your business story
  • The amazing people behind the story.

How can video help your business?

In 2-3 minutes video will show, explain, tell, engage or educate your audience something about business. Help them get to know you and your business and ultimately convert them into customers.

What types of videos can a business use?

Animated videos are perfect for simplifying a complex product, service, or process and ideal for supporting difficult to understand education and training materials.

Video blogs work wonders for educating your audience and improve your SEO. Social videos get instant engagement and help people get to know you and your business.

Professionally filmed video gives you high quality video content to make your business memorable.

With so many video approaches and styles, it can be difficult to understand what’s best for you and where to get started with video. That’s why you can choose one or more of our video services to work with Pam and her team.

Choose the video service that suits you

Do It For You: choose us to do all the video creating for you, right from planning and scriptwriting, through to full video production. Anything from an animated video, animated logo, a software demo video, or a film based video.

Do It With You: working together, let’s make videos for your business – with our guidance you complete some work, we do other parts and voila! A wonderful video.

Do It Yourself: learn how to use and make videos through our FREE video resources or online video training events and courses

Our team of digital content experts, under the leadership of Pam Jones, help organisations grow by creating outstanding, engaging video content.

In fact, since 2000 we’ve created more than 3,000 pieces of interactive digital content. So rest assured you’ll be in expert, qualified hands

Let's start a conversation.

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What type of video do you need for your business?

Don’t take our word for it
Here’s what our clients say

Meet Pam

Hi I’m Pam, Owner of Eight Interactive. I set up the business in 2007 to help training providers build online elearning content which included videos. During that time, technology has evolved and so has the business.

Eight Interactive now exists to help businesses, educators and entrepreneurs grow their business through the power of video. To become YOUR video partner at every step of your video journey.

From animated videos, software demo videos or film projects, we’ve got your video needs covered.

You might want to make your own videos and need help with this through video training. Or we can do all that hard work for you and create amazing high quality videos for your business.

Why work with us for your next video project?

Getting to the heart of your message

When choosing us to make your videos you’ll want a script which is masterfully written, gets to the heart of your message and is professionally recorded. Company branding is essential so all your video visuals will be designed to your brand guidelines.

Simplifying the complex

Business owners and entrepreneurs are brilliant at what they do, but they can struggle to explain products, services and processes simply. Trainers and educators have great technical knowledge about their subject matter, but sometimes they need a more effective way to teach complex topics. We’re experts at simplifying complex content, making it easier to understand through video.

Video expertise whenever you need it

Do you want to learn how to use video in your business? Or perhaps you have a video related question you need dedicated help with. Our Knowledge Centre gives you a wealth of FREE video resources to access whenever you need it. Our video training and power hour services give you more specialist video expertise.

Our promise

We promise to work with you throughout the video design process until you are 100% satisfied with your video and it delivers excellence for your project and organisation. Talk to us today, to find out how video can help your business.

Ready to use video? Let’s talk.

Call 07989 386015 or email [email protected]

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Key video questions we get asked

  • There is significant evidences which proves that making videos is essential for business growth.

    Video improves your search engine optimisation, and is the easiest and quickest way for your audience to know, like and trust you. Just look at some of these stats:

    • 90% of people say that product videos are helpful in the decision process (Source: HubSpot)
    • 81% marketers say video has helped them generate new leads (Source: Wyzowl Video Marketing Report)
    • 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days (Source: HubSpot).

    This is powerful data businesses cannot ignore. And you can use video to show and tell your audience about many things about your business.

  • There are many alternative approaches to making video for your business which involve no-one getting in front of the camera. For example, animated videos using video software. Using your brand photography. Or filming from a different view point

    We have experience of making all these types videos and other approaches, so if you or your team are uncomfortable being on video, get in touch to find how we can help.

  • The cost of a video depends on the type of video your business needs and how long it will be.

    For example, a bespoke 2-minute animated video takes longer to design and produce than a 1-minute business promotion video.

    We have packages for each video approach. Currently our budget video package for a business promotion video is £345 for 1 min video.

    We appreciate that you might have a limited budget to invest in video marketing, so Pam will talk to you about this to find out what type of video will work best for your budget. For certain video services, a payment plan can be created for you to spread the cost of your video investment.

  • Yes absolutely. Eight Interactive can teach you how to make better videos confidently through free resources and its’ paid online video training courses. You can find out more about these online courses here.

  • Absolutely! Whether you know exactly what type of video you’re looking to have created or need to discuss ideas, Pam can help.

    In many cases we suggest video approaches that you might not have thought of. The best way to start is to book a call with Pam so she can find out what you’re looking to achieve with your video content.

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