4 Ideas To Refresh Your Elearning

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4 Ideas To Refresh Your Elearning

For most of us, the start of the year is the perfect time to start afresh. This is the time make those resolutions. When we take on new challenges. And when we give ourselves the goal of learning something new.

We’re all about learning here at Eight Interactive. So, as we slide gently into another year, consider the following questions:

  1. How can you breathe new life into your training and education materials?
  2. Do your learners need new inspiration in their learning?
  3. Or do you simply want to try something new for your online courses?

Whichever of those resonate with you?

Here are four elearning ideas and approaches to try

1. Update your content with new examples and materials

Look back to last year, or even the last couple of years. What did your learners struggle to understand? Were there any concepts or topics they failed to grasp?

Make a list of those concepts and topics and think of new ways to teach them with one or more of the following:

  • New and varied examples – a previous client used lots of manufacturing examples in their courses. The problem with that being that their learners worked in different industries and sectors. So don’t make this mistake.
  • New case studies
  • New activities
  • New perspectives – sometimes a new angle is all that’s needed to bring clarification to your learners.

2. Use a new interactive approach

Many organisations start their elearning journey with online courses that are linear in design. There’s nothing wrong with this. It allows you to embed the new elearning approach with your learners and your organisation before trying more complex elearning methods.

If this sounds like you, are you ready to try something new for your courses?

Perhaps a scenario based course which is more practical?

How about looking into gamification?

3. Use video content

For me this is a must in any digital learning strategy. Whether you direct your learners to video content already out there, or create your own, make sure you’re using video in your courses.

Research shows that retention rates are higher when learners watch videos compared to reading the same content.

4. A new look and feel

When we talk about look and feel, we’re talking about layout, navigation, overall graphical style of the course, fonts, the colours used and more. All these play a huge role in giving your learners a learning experience that’s as engaging as possible.

What impression do you and your learners have about the look and feel of the course?

Do they like it? Is it clear? Does it guide them well? Or is the design simply … well … a bit tired?

If it is, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Enlist the help of an expert graphic designer to give you some fresh design ideas and give your elearning experience a new year makeover.

If you’re planning to overhaul your elearning content or looking to use these elearning ideas, let us know what you’re planning. We’d love to hear from you – we may be able to help.

You can book free consultation to chat through some ideas.

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