4 Tips For Making Wow Videos

4 Tips For Making Wow Videos

4 Tips For Making Wow Videos 150 150 Pam Jones

Hand on a second. Wait for it.

Did you hear all those bangs and whooshes?

Did you see the colours?

These are some of the sounds we hear this time of the year when fireworks are fired up to celebrate days like:

  • Bonfire Night
  • Diwali
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • New year.

Family and friends get together to watch the fireworks.

Their eyes gaze upwards in anticipation of the next bang and burst of colour to light up the starry autumn night.

As each firework explodes, the crowd will cheer and clap with “ooohs! ahhs!

But why am I even talking about this? What can we learn from a firework display when it comes to creating amazing videos for your businesses?

Coming up are four tips to remember for video making to help  you give your audience their “oooh, ahh and wow” moments?

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Back to today’s video and I’m talking about 4 Tips to Wow Your Audience With Video using fireworks as an analogy.

1. Ignite interest

At the start of your video, ignite some interest with your audience…marketers call this creating the hook.

Ask a question to get your audience thinking.

Tell them what’s coming up in the video.

Or talk about scenarios of your product or service as a way of telling a story.

2. Spark your audience’s imagination

Ensure your audience is engaged with your message from the second they click play. And then Keep those sparks firing throughout your video.

  • Use a variety of visuals.
  • Graphics.
  • Video effects.
  • Other footage.
  • And music.

3. Add colour

Like fireworks that light up the sky, use a complementary colour pallet to light your audience’s screens.

Let colour enhance the look and feel of your video and draw attention to the content.

Do you want to use colours that represent your business brand?

Are there specific colours that your audience will connect with?

4. Create variety

A fireworks display is more than a series of rockets fired one after the other.

There’s a variety of fireworks.

Each one has a different explosive effect and different sounds.

Some “whoosh” in to the sky.

Others “bang!” so loud you have to cover your ears.

Now I’m not saying you should download a bunch of firework sound effects and add them to your video.

But think about creating a variety of videos.

  • Animated.
  • Short social videos.
  • You or your team in front of the camera.
  • Behind the scenes video.

So that’s it, 4 video making tips to remember this November and every month.

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And if you have any questions about video making, then get in touch.

Until next time.

Happy video making.

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