7 Vlogging Mistakes To Avoid

7 Vlogging Mistakes To Avoid

7 Vlogging Mistakes To Avoid 560 315 Pam Jones

So if you’ve decided to start making video blogs. Then great. BUT.

Before you hit the record button, watch the video below to learn about the  7 mistakes people make when vlogging. And what you should do to avoid them.

You can also read the full transcript below the video.

Vlogging mistake number 1: Looking at the screen NOT the lens

Assuming that you’ll be recording your video on your smart phone. It’s very tempting to look at yourself on the screen because that’s bigger than then lens on your smart phone.

The lens is a dot of thing on your phone and that’s where you should be looking and focusing your eye. Not the screen.

Obviously if you’re showing viewers a product or something then you might look at it intermittently like this to direct their attention to the product. But whenever you look back up again – look at the lens so you connect with your audience.

Vlogging mistake number 2: There’s no performance

Vlogging is a form presenting and when you’re presenting you have to put some energy into it. You could deliver in a monotone, non expressive way. But what effect do you think that’s going to have on people watching.

Remember, you’re trying to engage people not bore them to sleep.

  • So stand up.
  • Be expressive.
  • Project your voice.
  • Emphasise key words and perform for the camera.
  • Show your energy. Your personality and let that shine through in your presentation.

Vlogging mistake number 3: Poor light or sound

What’s the point of making a video if no-one can see or hear you well?

Your face will be the star of your show so:

  • Pay attention to the lighting situation. Check there’s isn’t a lightbulb over your head because this creates odd lighting over your head and behind you. You don’t need fancy lighting equipment– just face a window and use natural daylight. Or make sure you position yourself in a place where light is working for you not against you.
  • Your voice is delivering the message so you need to be heard properly. Invest in good microphone that will give you better sound quality than the inbuilt mic on your phone.

Vlogging mistake number 4: Not telling people what the video is about

When I watch a vlog I want to know what it’s about straight away. I can then decide if I should keep watching. So use the tell, tell, tell rule.

  1. At the start of the video, tell people what you’re going to tell them.
  2. Then tell them – which is the main part of your message.
  3. Then at the end, tell them what you’ve told them.

This is a golden rule for all types of presenting so use it in your videos.

Vlogging mistake number 5: Low (or high) camera angles

Pay attention to the camera angle. I’ve seen some videos where people are sat at their desk and have positioned the camera at too low or high angle.

So you end up maybe seeing too far up their nose or they’re neck is too high up.

Your lens should be at eye level so check this before you start recording. Because, people want to see your face and not up your nose.

Vlogging Mistake number 6: Not smiling

A smile goes a long way to connect with your audience.

Again I’ve seen quite a few videos where the person hasn’t smiled even once.

So make a mental note and consciously remember to smile in your video a few times.

  • At the start when you introduce yourself
  • A couple of times throughout
  • And at the end of your message.

You want to look like you’re enjoying the video process– so bring out that smile. It’s how you would greet people in real life – and it’s important to transfer that warmth with a smile in your video.

And finally vlogging mistake number 7: Waffling on

Oh and then there are the wafflers.

People usually do this when they haven’t planned what they want to say thoroughly enough.

They get a quick idea, it’s in their head and then they get just press the record button start talking.

I’m sorry but a thought in your head does not equal a planned message and that’s when you’re likely to waffle on. We’re all strapped for time, so plan your message, get to the point and don’t waffle on endlessly.

So that’s it. My 7 mistakes of vlogging to avoid.

Hope that was helpful. If you liked this video, then consider sharing it to help others. And if this video helped you, then let me know in the comments below.

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