A Confession

A Confession

A Confession 1188 712 Pam Jones

In this video I have a confession to share with you. It was written in the stars and it’s about how I can help you. 

Hi everyone it’s Pam.

This week I have a confession to make.

Don’t judge me. But everyday I like to check my horoscopes.

And…I confess that I read my horoscope on at least three different sites.

Last week, when I checked it, this is what it said. Word for word.

The term ‘creative type’ doesn’t even begin to do you justice. You are more of an ‘incredibly productive super generative creative type.’
You take every bit of raw material the world throws at you — paints, paper, digital tools, happiness, pastels, sadness, tragedy, comedy, mud, clay, rock — and you make it sing.

I couldn’t believe how accurately this horoscope was describing me.

At home, I recently revamped the garden so had my hands full of mud and slate chippings. Just like the horoscope mentioned.

As a mum, I’m creative with my daughter’s school work. I make up songs for her about breakfast, eating cake and a whole host of things.

If I ever see you in person I will sing the “chocolate hoop song for you”. All of this includes comedy, paper, paint, and happiness. Just like the horoscope said.

And finally, at work, I’m always creating.

Designing elearning.

Writing video scripts. Making video storyboards and elearning storyboards.

Choosing soundtracks. Scoping out graphics and coming up with new ideas to reach and engage with my clients. All using digital tools. Just like the horoscope said.

So if you have some raw content which you need to inject with some creativity. Then get in touch because I’m Pam. The ‘incredibly productive super generative creative Type. Let me make your raw content sing for you.

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