Animated logos

Make your brand stand out with an animated logo.

Would you like your business to stand out online?

If you are looking for a way to make your business stand out from the crowd, then why not animate your logo?

Every organisation has a logo – but not every organisation has an animated logo.

If you are sharing content across social media, using an animated logo will make your posts, blogs, likes and shares much more eye-catching.

The online world is a crowded place. By having an animated logo you’ll capture the attention of your customers, prospects, future employees and advocates.

You’ll engage your audience, encouraging them to join in your conversation, explore your products and services, and convert to clients.

Take a look at some the animated logos we’ve created – we think you’ll see what we mean.

Watch this example animated logo:

What is an animated logo?

  • An animated logo brings your brand to life.
  • It’s a short film of your brand where all the design elements of the logo move.
  • Sound effect provides extra engagement.

Why use an animated logo?

  • Create more effective brand awareness
  • Shows your business is different
  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Make your digital content consistent

Where can you use an animated logo?

  • For both Intro and Outro videos
  • Across a range of Social media posts including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Website

Would you like an animated logo creating?
£297 plus VAT

All you need to do next is complete the order form with your details and payment of £297 + VAT.

When we’ve received your order, you’ll receive an email about next steps.

Take a look at our amazing animated logos we’ve created

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