Animated Video
Simplify the complex with animated video

Why use animated video?

Do you want to start using video in your business? Maybe you need more customers, or increased engagement, or to create a buzz around your brand?

But what if your product or service is simply too involved to explain in spoken word alone?

Perhaps you have complex training materials and are looking for an engaging way to explain them.

Maybe you and your team would rather not appear on camera and don’t have the time filming anyway.

The answer is animated video – and we can help.

Watch example animated video:

Video is everywhere and let’s face it, people love videos.

You’ll have watched videos yourself, so you know how effective they are in capturing someone’s attention and getting a message across.

Did you know that:

  • In 2017, online video accounted for 74% of all online traffic
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • 65% of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video

By using video in your business, you could be reaping the benefits that video brings.

By choosing animated video you:

  • Explain the complex – animated video is the perfect way to simplify hard to understand topics and is ideal for instructional material
  • Save time – we do all the work, no need for you to devote time to filming
  • Avoid appearing on camera – many of us don’t like the way we look and sound on screen. If this is you, then animated video is the ideal option
  • Have a quicker and more cost-effective video solution than film

Interested in an animated video for your business?

Call 07989 386015 or email [email protected]

Here’s how we work

When you choose Eight Interactive to create your compelling animated video we:

  • Talk to you about your video requirements
  • Write /edit your voiceover script
  • Storyboard the video
  • Provide graphics, moving text, video effects
  • Engage a professional voiceover artist
  • Select the perfect background music
  • Include your company logo at the start and end of the video
  • Deliver your final video in the format you need it.

The result?

A compelling and memorable animated video

And you can use animated video to:

  • Explain complex topics to learners
  • Showcase testimonials
  • Tell your business story
  • Promote your products and services
  • Create social media adverts. (Find out more about these uses here)

Use animated videos for learning to:

  • Simplify a complex topic
  • Tell learners a story
  • Solve a problem step-by-step
  • Summarise a topic
  • Show a concept or process being applied

The answer is animated video – and we can help.

Animated video packages

Choose an animated video package which is right for your business


Video, without voiceover narration. You provide the text and any photos. We select graphics and produce the video.

Price for a 1 minute video. Minimum recommendation.

plus VAT

  • • Royalty free music
  • • Animated text
  • • Add own company images
  • • Company logo
  • • Graphics from software library
  • • File format in MP4 Full HD
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Scripted video with a professional voiceover narration. You approve a final script.

Price for a 1 minute video.

plus VAT

  • • Royalty free music
  • • Animated text
  • • Add own company images
  • • Company logo
  • • Graphics from software library
  • • Stock clips used as appropriate
  • • File format in MP4 Full HD
  • • Storyboard - 1 revision
  • • Produced video - 1 revision
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Fully customised video. We write the script, create bespoke graphics and complete full video production.

Price for 1 minute video.

plus VAT

  • • Royalty free music
  • • Animated text
  • • Include own company images
  • • Company logo
  • • File format in MP4 Full HD
  • • Professional voiceover recording
  • • Storyboard and script writing - 3 versions
  • • Closed captions
  • • Bespoke graphics created
  • • Advanced video effects
  • • 3 video revisions
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