Bespoke vs Template Videos

Bespoke vs Template Videos

Bespoke vs Template Videos 560 315 Pam Jones

Did you know there are two ways to make videos. Templated or bespoke. But how do you decide which approach to take for your videos? Watch the video to find or read the script below the video.

It’s a bit like buying the perfect dress if you ladies out there. Or a business suit for you dapper gents. Do you buy off the peg in a design that others may also have bought? Or do you have one designed and tailor made especially for you and your body shape in the fabric of your choice. In the colour you want. A dress or suit which NO-ONE else has.
In the same way, you can make videos off the shelf using a templated approach. Or you can have a video made for your business. For a specific message in a video design that NO-OTHER business has created. Something unique for your business.

So how do I decide when to make a bespoke video and when to use a templated design?
For me, there are three main factors which help me decide bespoke vs templated.

The first is how much movement there needs to be in the video.

Second, how technical is the message?

Third, what’s the budget?

For example, a training or education business might want to use animated videos to explain difficult topics to help their students understand a particular subject. In this case the images will need bespoke movement to help explain the subject either through a story or problem solving approach. A voiceover script will be carefully written to support the images and animation.

I use a range of video software to make animated videos.

Some software tools give a range of templates to use to help make those videos.
The software will come with a variety of images and graphics that you can use. And here’s the important bit – most of the animation in a templated approach will be basic. Characters do simple movements like waving or cheering. However, if I wanted the character to kick a ball, or squat, then that’s a bespoke movement. The video effects in these software tools are limited too – they’re still pack a punch but limited.

So in the case of the training videos…a templated approach won’t work. I’ll need to make a bespoke set of images which I can then animate in any way I want.

On the other hand, a business which wants an animated video for marketing campaign – will usually have a shorter message which they need to create with simpler images and moving text. In this case, a templated video approach is fine to use. It will be quicker to make and more cost effective.

Making a bespoke video takes longer. There’s more work involved. More design. More animation. More video effects. And this is all made in higher end video production software. And for that reason, a bespoke video needs more budget.

So hope that’s helped to explain whether you choose off the peg or bespoke for your videos.

There are lots of ways to make animated videos, so if you’re thinking about one for your business, then get in touch. I can always help with ideas and get your thoughts off the ground. I’ll see you soon.

To learn more about how to use video in your business, check our online course for video tips, ideas and examples.

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