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What Is an Animated Logo?

What Is an Animated Logo? 560 315 Pam Jones

As creators of animated logos, we often have to start our process by explaining to a client what an animated logo is.

Let’s use this post to answer that very question.

Every business has a logo which helps to form their brand. Your business logo has many functions. It:

  • Is the face of your business
  • Creates that first impression
  • Communicates your values and may visualise your products and services.
  • Helps people remember your business.

In most cases, a professional graphic designer or branding company will have created your logo for you.

When they completed it they will have given you the image files of the logo – usually in a JPEG or PNG format. This image is the static image format of your logo.

You can then use your logo to brand your marketing materials. For example, business cards, stationary, websites, banners and brochures.

All these materials are print based materials and have their place in your business.

But today we live in a digital world. And a digital world needs digital marketing approaches. Using video, on-line advertising campaigns and much more. To brand these digital marketing approaches, we recommend using an animated logo.

An animated logo is what it sounds like: a moving video of your logo. We take the graphic file in vector format and make each element of the logo move.

Our logo

Let’s take our logo as an example. Here’s the static logo.

eight interactive logo 2019






  1. There’s the company name– Eight Interactive.
  2. Brand colours.
  3. And the following design elements.
  • The dot over the I is in fact a play button. We make videos, so that symbol is a unique icon.
  • We also create online courses, and in those a learner may navigate the content. So, the design of the letters A and V gives the impression of forward and back arrows.
  • And finally, there is the letter G. This letter resembles the number 8 and also represents a person. As people are at the heart of what we do, the design of the G is a perfect representation of the people concept.

So that’s the idea behind the logo design.

Our animated logo

Now when we animate the logo we can see how it moves.

  • The play button is first and uses a click sound effect
  • Then the word Eight moves and animates across the screen
  • The word Interactive is next. Within this the A and V letters animate up and down to focus your eye on the word.
  • We have used a digital sound effect throughout. Because we make digital content it’s appropriate to use a sound that represents our products and services.

You can see from our logo how effective the animated logo is. It communicates so much more than simply the company name and corporate colours.

What about your business? Do you have an animated logo? No? Then contact us to talk about how we can help.

You may also want to find out how to use your animated logo. And why.

Where To Use An Animated Logo?

Where To Use An Animated Logo? 560 315 Pam Jones

In previous posts, we looked at what an animated logo is and why you should use an animated logo.

But once created, where can you use an animated logo?

There are places where you can use your animated logo.

Intro/outro of videos

Use the animated logo at the start and end of videos – like video blogs. In most cases, videos may live on your Facebook page and YouTube channel. People may come across your videos through many routes.

Having an animated logo at the start and end of videos gives your video output a professional feel. What’s more people will have no doubt who owns the video. Watch this recent video blog from us to see our animated logo in action at the end of the video.

Social media posts

Include your animated logo in other social media posts for extra engagement.

Digital marketing campaigns

If you’re using other digital marketing approaches, online or offline (like digital billboards), then an animated logo is a must.

Facebook cover page

Your business Facebook page has the option to include a cover image or cover video. Use the animated logo as the cover video so it always plays when people visit.

Contact us if you would like an animated logo created of your brand. We’d be delighted to help you.

Why Use An Animated Logo?

Why Use An Animated Logo? 560 315 Pam Jones

In previous post, we looked at what is an animated logo and where you can use them. But why should you have animated logo created?

Now let’s talk about why you should use an animated logo.

1. Brand awareness

An animated logo is a more effective means of creating brand awareness than a static one. It makes your brand pop and catches people’s attention. In busy social media feeds, attention-grabbing is crucial. So, let your animated logo work its magic in creating brand awareness.

2. Shows your business is different

An animated logo wows people. It tells everyone your business is different. How many of your competitors have an animated logo? Having one will make your business stand out from theirs.

3. Tell a quick story

In an animated logo, each element is designed to move. The designer will ask you to consider such questions as:

  • How should logo elements move?
  • What sound effects do you want to include?

Answering these questions gets you thinking about your brand from a perspective other than how the logo looks. When it’s completed, the animated logo has the power to tell a short story about your brand.

4. Consistency

Think of your animated logo as the corporate stationary of your digital content. You wouldn’t send a letter without headed paper. So why post videos and digital content without an animated logo?

Get in touch if you would like an animated logo creating for your business. We’re here to help you bring your branding to life.

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