Does Video Marketing Work?

Does Video Marketing Work?

Does Video Marketing Work? 150 150 Pam Jones

Watch the video ‘Does Video Marketing Work?’ or read the script below.

Does video marketing work?

Recently a client asked this question. They were wondering if anyone would watch a video we made for them. How would they know?

Here are my thoughts about the effectiveness of video marketing.

All business love what they do and think that the services or product they offer “work”. Right?

We’ve got the experience, evidence, skills and happy clients to show that our thing works.

Same here. I’ve been specialising in creating digital and video content for over 20 years. So with that comes experience and the results clients have had from their videos.

I’ve seen first-hand that videos and video marketing works at getting your message out there.

We know from video marketing research, that videos are effective for so many goals such as:

  • Generating new leads
  • Helping customers with make buying decisions
  • Brand visibility and awareness
  • Learning about products and services

But like anything in life – there are no guarantees. And your business won’t change over night because of one video. It’s a gradual process.

There’s also online marketing data which you can use to get an insight into how your videos are doing.

  • Likes, comments and shares from social posts
  • Growth in followers/subscribers
  • Clicks and views on video plays
  • Open and click rates on emails with videos in them
  • Client testimonials
  • Feedback from people saying they “saw a video”

We can also make video content work harder for our businesses by promoting it to get more views.

Not everyone will see your content and video at the same time and when you intended it to.

So reuse, re-share, recycle and repeat.

To summarise, in our experience of creating videos and following annual research, yes video marketing does work. Don’t be afraid of it.  Make it part of your marketing and not a one-off activity.

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