Make Film Part Of Your Business

Video is the fastest and easiest way to stand out online, be understood. It’s crucial for business and for search engines like Google.

You watch videos and you know that they make an impact. They help boost sales, explain propositions, inspire engagement, and raise a brand’s profile.

Have you tried to film videos for your business but don’t like the quality?

Perhaps you’re new to video just don’t know where to start with filming a video which showcases your business.

Here’s are three ways we can help you.

  1. Director’s Cut Package we plan together, you film and then we edit your videos for you.
  2. Business Promotion Film: Let us create a business promotion video which tells the story of your business
  3. Video Blogs Done For You: We batch film video blogs for your social media channels and edit them over a series of months.

Find out more about each of these packages below.

Director’s Cut Package £375 + VAT

We plan together. You film. We edit for you.

Are you looking to make regular videos but not sure what to say and how to plan the videos? Are you struggling to find the time to edit your videos to give them that professional feel? Or perhaps you just don’t want the editing hassle – we know it takes a bit of time.

Why not free up that editing time so we do it for you.

In our Director’s Cut programme we make something amazing together. We’ll guide you through the planning process, give feedback on your script and get you camera ready.

You then film, send us the footage and we’ll edit the video for you (maximum 4 minutes length). Edited video will include:

  • Thumbnail image (which all platforms love)
  • Basic video effects
  • Closed captions
  • Background music for extra engagement
  • Your logo for branding purposes


Business Promotion Package

A filmed video which promotes your business. Ideal for businesses with no video on their homepage.

Did you know that having a video on your homepage helps to keep visitors on the website longer.


Because people love to watch a video and because video is more effective in getting your message across then you’re more likely to get a new enquiry, a sale or a new client.

Let us create a business promotion video for your website’s homepage which we film and create for you. A filmed video which tells and sells your message and what your business offers.

We’ll start with a planning session to discuss:

  • What the video will cover
  • Where it will be filmed
  • Props and people that might be needed

After the filming, we’ll then head on back to our studio to edit the footage with:

  • Appropriate video effects
  • Closed captions
  • Background music for extra engagement
  • Your logo for branding purposes

Video Blogs Done For You

A cost effective way to build your library of video content.

Would you like to spread the cost of making better quality video content without doing any of the video production yourself?

Have you made adhoc video blogs but struggle to make them regularly? Perhaps you’ve made a few videos but don’t like the way they’ve turned out?

Then choose the Video Blogs Done For You package. Using this package we batch plan, film and edit a series of video blogs unique to your business.

You get videos which are evergreen for your business and have a longer shelf life. Professionally made videos which give you a library of videos to share across all platforms.

We’ll start with a planning session to decide how many videos you want to make. Where to film. And how often – it might be one off batch film shoot. Quarterly video shoot. Or every 6 months.

During filming, we’ll arrive on set with our equipment so you don’t have to set anything up. We’ll direct and film the video(s) at a pace that suits you and give you video confidence tips to make you feel comfortable and relaxed on camera.

After the filming, we’ll then head on back to our studio to edit the footage with:

  • Appropriate video effects, closed captions, background music for extra engagement
  • Your  logo for branding purposes
  • Editing into two formats – horizontal for YouTube and square for social media

And the best news?

  • You save time by having the filming on one date leaving you to focus on what you do best.
  • You spread the cost of your video investment over a 3 or 6 months (depending on number of videos filmed).

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