How To Get A Fabulous Video for Business on A Low Budget

How To Get A Fabulous Video for Business on A Low Budget

How To Get A Fabulous Video for Business on A Low Budget 150 150 Pam Jones

Every business large and small is budget conscious and looks for ways to streamline costs. And it’s the same for your video budget.

Making videos is essential for business growth. Before you start you need a plan which outlines:

  • The purpose of the video
  • Where it will be used
  • Type of video you will need to make or create

Video marketing must fit into your overall marketing strategy – but it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Here are 4 ways to make videos on a low budget.

1. Use a smart phone

Learn how to make videos with your smart phone. The technology of smart phone filming has improved significantly. So start with your phone. No expensive cameras needed. And you still get a fabulous video for your business.

2. Free editing apps.

Once you’ve filmed a video, use free editing software like iMovie. Clips. And other apps which have features for free. You can upgrade to paid options when you’re ready to level up your skills.

3. Use natural light

Whatever you’re filming use natural day light – its free!

If filming inside, choose to setup near the best window which flatters your subject.

If outside, film a few takes in different locations and check which one has the best light that you’re looking for. For example, away from shadows or strong sunlight?

4. Royalty free footage

If you don’t want to film a video, search royalty free footage to get unique clips which you don’t film yourself. There are many advantages of using stock footage to make great videos. You can find more about out these in a previous video blog.

Check out Canva. Pixabay for free clips. Istock and Storyblocks for low cost clips or subscriptions services.

So that’s it’s 4 ways To Get A Fabulous Video for Business on A Low Budget.

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