How To Get More Video Views

How To Get More Video Views

How To Get More Video Views 150 150 Pam Jones

How do you get MORE video views? Whether that’s a video you’ve had made or videos you’re creating yourself?

Well…you have to promote your videos.

In this video I’ll be giving 8 ways to do that so your videos get more videos.

But first, let’s take a step back.

Video making takes time. There’s planning. Creating. Filming. Editing and lots more.

So when the video is ready to share, your next step is find ways for that  piece of content to work hard for your business.

Many times.

The mistake many businesses make is to share their video once and then think, that’s it.

People have seen it. The job is done.

But not everyone is going to see your video when you share it.

So the first thing to remember is to keep sharing and promoting it every few months.

Don’t just leave your video sitting around gathering dust. That’s a waste of time and of course money.

So let’s get into today’s video – how to promote your business videos to get MORE views?

  1. Create a video channel on YouTube or a similar platform like Vimeo.

This is where you can upload all your videos.

Remember, YouTube is part of Google and having videos does improves your website SEO rankings. So YT is a good place to keep your videos in one place.

2. Add your videos to your website.

Create a separate area just for your videos. Like a blog page. Call it something like Knowledge Hub.  Videos. Or Free resources.

It’s a way of directing traffic to your site when you share your videos.

Don’t directly upload videos to your website as video files are big and these can slow down your website if you upload directly.

Always embed videos into your site from another platform.

3. Share your videos on the social media channels you’re active on

If you’re creating videos yourself from any in app creation tools, remember to save the video on your phone.

That way you can share your videos across your other channels easily to get more views.

4. Email the videos to your marketing list

Lots of businesses forget this. Most email marketing systems have a video feature, so check this out.

And if you’ve setup your video area on your website, then this a perfect opportunity to direct people to your website.

5. Add video to proposals

Are you writing a lot of proposals or send other documents like brochures electronically?

Then another way to promote your business videos to get MORE views is to add a link to relevant videos in those documents.

6. Share relevant video in social forums

Are you part of any online forums or social media groups?

There may be a relevant post where you can share a specific video.

Be careful not to spam these groups  because you might get kicked. Only post a video if it’s relevant. And if you’re unsure, always ask the forum or group administrator if it’s OK to share a video that you think will help a discussion.

7. Add a link to the video in your email signature

How many emails do you send out? 100? Then that’s 100 more potential video views.

8. Showcase video at an event

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming event?

Take your laptop and have a suitable video like a business promotion video playing on a loop at your stand.

It’s a good way to direct people to you and strike up that conversation.

So that’s it. 8 ways to promote your videos to get more views.

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