How to Make Great Videos Without Getting in Front of the Camera

How to Make Great Videos Without Getting in Front of the Camera

How to Make Great Videos Without Getting in Front of the Camera 150 150 Pam Jones

Getting in front of the camera is one way to make videos.

People can get to know you and hear what you have to say.

But what if you don’t want to get in front of the camera? Are afraid to.

How can you still make great videos for your business without getting in front of the camera?

In this video I’m going to give you 4 ways to make videos about your business which involves no-one getting in front of the camera.

  1. Animated videos

Animated videos are made using video software. Graphics, images provide the visual aspect of the video. And video effects, and sound are then used enhance the message to make a video.

You can make animated videos with script which then record as a voiceover.

Or  without a script so there’s just a music track in the background which brings the video together.

The great thing about animated videos is there that the syle of choices is endless.

And that means you can create a video which is completely branded and suits your business message and style.

Animated videos work well for:

  • Social media campaigns.
  • Educational material.
  • Or if you have something complex to explain which your audience find difficult to understand

2. Demo Videos

The second way to make videos without getting in front of the camera is to create a demo video.

You might want to make a demo video which is showing your audience something in your business.

It might be:

  • Cooking lesson which is shot from above.
  • A product demo which is a close up of the product being used. So in essence you’re just using your hands to show something closeup.
  • A software demo which shows people how to use an app, platform or IT based system.

In all these examples, you can talk over the demo so people just hear your voice.

Or you can add text in key places to explain what the video is about. So in the cooking demo, it might be each step of the recipe without any narration. Instead a music track which brings it all together.

3. Use stock footage

The third way to make videos without getting in front of the camera is to use stock footage.

Stock footage are video clips which have been filmed by various people and then sold for use in image libraries and video software.

Like this, I didn’t actually get a drone or a plane and film this. This is stock footage which I’ve got within one of my video software.

You can find multiple clips which tell the story of your message and string the clips together to get a video.

I personally find it difficult to get free stock footage. So for client videos I use Image libraries such as Shutterstock and iStock. These libraries give you plenty of footage choice and with some creative editing you can then great something amazing.

Like this example – all these clips were sources from an image library and then the added into shapes with some motion behind it to tell a client’s story.

4. Film a different view point

And finally, the 4th way to make videos without getting in front of the camera is point it the other way and film something from a different view point.

  • Perhaps you want to make a video about how products are made. Point the camera the other way, film the manufacturing process – again with narration over it the recording or without.
  • You could get other people in the video like your team. Your customers for testimonial videos.
  • If you work or live somewhere unique how about giving your audience a tour around your work or home environment. These videos are also perfect if you have a lifestyle or travel business.
  • Or perhaps you can use them to give your audience an insight into your world. You get a glimpse of your life outside of work and that helps them to get to know you.

So that’s it. 4 different ways to make videos without getting in front of the camera yourself.

  • Animation
  • Demo videos
  • Stock footage
  • And different view point videos

If you found this helpful, please consider sharing it with someone who may also find it useful.

Happy filming.

We have experience of making all these videos, so if you want a video without getting in front of the camera, get in touch to find how we can help. See examples of animated videos and software demo videos we’ve made.






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