One Key Instructional Design Tip I Want To Tell You

One Key Instructional Design Tip I Want To Tell You

In this video I’ve got something important to tell you. It’s one simple but very effective teaching strategy you can use when you designing online learning or delivering training in the classroom.

Alternatively, read the script below the video.

Today I want to start with a question.

What is the one thing brilliant teachers, trainers do before they start teaching or training?

It’s the one thing that helps everyone in the audience know what’s going to happen during the training?

The trainer or teacher, tells the audience what they’re going to tell them. This sets the agenda for the day.

Then the trainer or teacher tells the audience. This the main content of the presentation or training.

And then when the lesson or training is coming to end, the trainer or teacher recaps and tells the audience what they’ve told them.

And if the training lasts a couple of days, recaps might happen on each day to remind people what they learnt the day before.

Throughout the training the teacher or trainer will remind people regularly what’s going to be covered next.

This principle of telling them what you’re going to tell them, then telling them  and then telling them what you’ve told them is a really simple but effective strategy to use. And it can also be designed in elearning courses.

You can achieve this simply by writing super clear instructions. Instructions which tell learners what the course is going to cover. What they’re going to learn next. And at end, summarising what they should have learnt.

So remember:

  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them,
  2. Then tell them.
  3. And then tell them what you’ve told them.

I’ll leave you with that instructional design tip. Get in touch if you have any comments and thoughts.

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