Animated Explainer Videos – Edinburgh Business School

Project Info

Client Edinburgh Business School
Skills Learning design, video voiceover scripting, highly visual storyboarding, managing voiceover recording

Project Description

Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University. EBS offers a highly flexible MBA study programme that allows students to study core and elective courses anywhere in the world, at their own pace, and present for exam at any of over 350 exam centres located in 130 countries.

Through its own detailed research, EBS identified a need to provide more engaging and visual resources for students. After a consultation period, we were asked to design a series of bespoke animated videos which:

  • Are visually rich and audio driven
  • Focus on conceptual topics which students find difficult to understand
  • Help learners apply theory, link theories together and solve complex business problems
  • Last no more than 10 minutes to help students remember what they’ve learnt

Working with EBS faculty members, we:

  • Reviewed draft material for each video and created a bespoke learning design and storyboard
  • Took the time to understand complex business concepts to facilitate the design the process and either simplified or suggested new approaches of tackling the key concept for the purpose of the video
  • Created visual themes and stories to engage students and make the learning memorable
  • Transformed academic text into a voiceover script which was easy to understand by a global audience of students

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