Old Town Chiropractic Clinic – Business Promotion Video

Client Overview

The Old Town Chiropractic clinic is a local and well-established local clinic in Swindon. Sally Hobbs, the owner was keen to use video to help promote the clinic and its’ services.

For many people chiropractic treatment can be a new experience. So the video needed to put people at ease, and address common questions they might have.

After detailed discussions we decided to film a short promotional video. Sally, was filmed talking about how chiropractic treatment can help. The video also gave an insight into the patient experience so new patients could quickly get a feel of what to expect when they first visit the clinic.

Visit the Old Town Chiropractic Clinic to find more about how it can help you.

Our Solution

We started with a planning session to write a script for the video and how to prepare for the shoot.

On the day, we directed and filmed the shoot.

After the shoot, we edited the footage into a short video which you can watch above.

As you can see from her glowing review, Sally was thrilled with the result.

I would have never imagined the result – outstanding!

I knew Eight Interactive would be the right to help me create the video’s I needed for my business. Pam took the hassle and the work away from me and before I knew it, we had a script, a film date and we were rolling. The team was superb and we had a lot of fun making my project. I would have never imagined the result and what she pulled together was outstanding.

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