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5 Ways To Use Animated Videos For Learning

5 Ways To Use Animated Videos For Learning 560 315 Pam Jones

You can find out the answer to this question in two ways:

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If you’re looking to use animated explainer videos for learning, then you might wondering: How? What should the script cover?

We’ve been developing animated videos for learning for many years. In our experience, there are five main ways how animated videos can be used for learning. Let’s take a look at each one.

Animated videos for learning

1. Simplify a complex topic

Do your learners struggle to understand a particular topic? Then it might be time to use animated video to simplify the topic. Often explaining a topic in a video is far more effective than asking them to reading more about it.

Graphics, video effects and music will work seamlessly together to give your learners their light bulb moment  when they say…”Ah I finally get this now!”

2. Tell your learners a story

Include a central character in your animated video and ask learners what the character should do in the situation. Here you’re involving the learner by getting them to think about the story. The animated video then unfolds the story, perhaps including consequences of the character’s choices.

3. Solve a problem step-by-step

For a subject, like Accounting, use animated videos to take your learners through a problem. Show them how to calculate or solve the problem step-by-step. Add further value but using animation and voiceover to explain where numbers have come from and why.

4. Create a “What’s in it for me” animated video

This is where you give learners a compelling reason to complete an elearning course.

You might have a course about a subject which, let’s say, is not the most interesting. Use the animated video to engage learners at the start of course convincing them why they need to complete the course.  For example, a health safety course could include a powerful video about all the accidents – including death – that happen at work when people don’t follow health and safety rules.

Creating a video about this makes learners think:

If I don’t complete the course, something serious might happen to me or my colleagues.

5. Apply a concept

Use animated videos to show a particular concept being applied, like a business model or process. Create a scenario and show your learners how it is could be applied in that scenario.

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We have experience of creating videos in all these ways – so if you’re thinking about using animated videos for learning, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about how to use video in your business, check our online course for video tips, ideas and examples.

animated video cost

How Much Do Animated Videos Cost?

How Much Do Animated Videos Cost? 560 315 Pam Jones

Like any new purchase, one of the first questions which people want to ask about animated videos is: How much does an animated video cost?

Video production is a very detailed and skilled process. Graphics, voiceover, music and effects all have to be designed, created and synchronised together to the nearest hundredth second. And synchronised to precision.

There are three types of video that can be created

Here at Eight Interactive we charge for every 30 seconds of video that needs to be produced for each type of video.

1. Scripted video where we write the script

This video uses a professional voiceover narration over the video. The narration might be telling a story, explaining how something works, promoting an offer etc. This type of video costs from £495 (ex VAT) per 30 seconds[1] of video. For this cost we do all the hard work for you where we:

  • Outline your video requirements
  • Write/refine the voiceover script
  • Create a maximum of 3 versions of a storyboard 
  • Create bespoke graphics, moving text, video effects
  • Record script using professional voiceover artist
  • Add background music
  • Include animated  company logo at start and end of video
  • Provide final video in format required

The main factor which may change this cost is the technical nature of graphics. The more technical the image, the more work this will involve. However, you may have graphics which have been created for other materials (e.g. brochures, PDFs) which we can use for the animation. That’s a good start for us as long as the image is supplied in a vector format. We can the use the vector image and work our animation magic on it.

2. Scripted video where you write the script

This video also uses a professional voiceover, but you write the script to a set formula which we provide. This type of video costs £295 (ex VAT) per 30 seconds[1] of video. For this cost we’ll:

  • Review the script and ask you to amend it if we feel it’s too long
  • Create 1 version of the storyboard
  • Use graphics from video software library
  • Add simple animation effects
  • Add background music
  • Include static  company logo at start and end of video
  • Provide final video in format required

3. Unscripted video

This type of video does not need a script. Instead, key messages are designed with animated text, photos and simple graphics. Video effects add extra punch to the message and help to engage the audience.

As with scripted video, we work with our clients closely to do all the above (excluding any script writing and voiceover recording).

This type of video costs £75 (ex VAT) per 30 seconds[1] of video.

There are software packages that can be used to create animated videos yourself. These packages provide a library of graphics, templates and music you can use and you can add your own.

Animated video software packages tend to be marketed with messages like “Create videos quickly and easily”. However, like any software, it does take time to learn how to use the features of the software. So that ease and speed of use is not immediate.

It’s also important to note that producing the video is only one part of the video creation process. You still need to complete the rest of tasks that animated video software does not give you. For example:

  • Script planning and writing
  • Finding and paying for a professional voiceover artist
  • Sourcing music tracks
  • What about when you can’t find the right image in the video software’s library? In this case, you’re left trying to find a suitable image from another image library, or finding a designer to create it for you.

Our clients want a one-stop service to create an exclusive video for their business. And we provide that all-inclusive service so clients don’t have to worry about doing any part of the video production themselves.

If you have any other questions about the cost of animated videos, do get in touch.

[1] 2020 rates

To learn more about how to use video in your business, check our online course for video tips, ideas and examples.


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