Tips For Using Stock Footage For Videos

Tips For Using Stock Footage For Videos

Tips For Using Stock Footage For Videos 150 150 Pam Jones

If you’re looking for alternative ways to get some amazing video content, then using stock footage is a great option.

Coming up…I’ll  be talking what stock footage, why it’s a great option for video content and where to get stock footage.

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Now let’s get into today’s video.

One of the best ways to get more engaging video content is to use stock footage. And I’ve used it a lot for some of my projects.

Stock footage is a video clip which you source for free or buy from a third party supplier.

Why is stock video footage a great option?

First you might not want to get in front of the camera.

And it that’s the case, find several clips which you can edit together to make a short video. With or without a script.

Stock footage is cheaper and quicker to use than commissioning a film production company to film new footage for you.

You also can get unique video clips that might be difficult to film.

For example if you’re looking for breath-taking landscape video, like this one, then the chances are you won’t have the budget to film this kind of footage yourself.

So the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to do this is to source some footage.

And finally, it just might not be possible for you to get the clip you need for a specific video.

For example, in these social distancing times, there might regulations in place which mean your film crew won’t be allowed on location.

So again, stock footage is a good alternative.

Now here are 3 key places to get stock footage.

  1. Royalty free sites like Pixabay have a library of clips you can use for free as long as you attribute the source clearly when you use the clip.
  2. Your video editing app or software. Check your editing app or software to see use if you’ve bought a plan which includes some royalty free footage.
  3. Sites like istock. Shutterstock. And Storyblocks.

These all have a big library of footage that can you can buy.

So that’s it.

The what, why and where of using stock video footage.

If you found this helpful, then please give it some love and share it for someone who might find this helpful.

Thanks for watching.

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