Video Blog Training


Make Video Blogs You’ll Love And Want To Share

Have you to tried to make your own video blogs but not happy with how they have turned out?

You thought because you have a smart phone, it would be easy to make your own videos blogs. Press that record button for a few minutes and you’re done right?

After recording it, you watched the video back and thought it was awful. You didn’t like the way you sounded or looked.

The videos didn’t look professional enough. You then had a play with making videos look better but it started to take up too much time. 

Making effective video blogs is not just about having a smart phone and pressing the record button. It’s about:

  • Planning your message
  • Building your camera confidence so you are comfortable with how you present yourself
  • Using key tools and skills to produce videos which you’re happy and proud to share with your audiences. Which you want to share.

We’re not talking about making Hollywood feature films. But learning some best practice video blogging techniques so you can make better videos.

No shaky camera footage. No poor lighting.

No pointless messages. No more time wasted figuring how to improve your videos.

What you need is our Video Implementation Programme (VIP)

A two day event which gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan, film and edit your video blogs. 

First programme date 3-4 March 2020 (NOW FULL)

DoubleTree Hilton Swindon (near J16 M4).

Places limited so book your place early to avoid disappointment.


Here’s what you’ll learn on the two days

Day 1: Planning your videos

The first step is planning. Poor planning will mean poor videos. Result? You’ll make people cringe rather than engage and educate them. You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential to plan your video blogs and how
  • What kind of video blogs you can make
  • The three essential pieces of equipment you need to film a video – some of them are FREE
  • How to present yourself confidently to camera so you love (not hate) they way you sound and look

Day 2: Filming and editing

After day 1 of planning, day 2 will all be about lights, camera and action!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Film your videos quickly and effectively so they don’t take all day
  • Plan your video filming calendar for the year
  • Edit your video using some video editing software
  • Create a consistent style for your videos which fits in with your brand
  • Upload your video to your website and social media

Here’s what you’ll need for the VIP

Basic video equipment and editing software

We’ll advise you what you need to download and buy. We estimate allowing a budget of £100 for these essentials. I’ll bring my basic equipment for everyone to use on the day.

There are many FREE alternatives which you can use so we’ll also discuss these on the programme.

Your laptop

You’ll need your laptop for video editing and learning other cool video stuff.

Many things can be done for free. It’s entirely up to if you choose to set aside more budget for other things related to video making such as background music, professional graphics, animated logos for consistent branding.

The VIP has been created by me – Pam Jones, Owner and Director of Eight Interactive. I have been  making digital and video content for over 18 years including:

  • Animated videos for the education and training sectors where difficult topics needed a simpler explanation
  • Software demo videos which show people how to use a particular piece of software or IT system
  • Elearning courses which allow businesses to deliver their own training; anytime; anywhere
  • Business promotion videos
  • Video blogs for my own business

In 2018 I began delivering a video workshop “How To Use Video To Promote Your Business” which proved to be very popular (workshop feedback below).

From the feedback of this workshop, businesses asked for more help with making their own video blogs. They wanted to know more about:

  • The video tools to use.
  • The process of making video blogs.
  • What they should be filming for their business.
  • Topics they can be vlogging about and more.

As a result of this feedback I decided to create the Video Implementation Programme.

Video workshop feedback



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Got some questions?

Here are answers to some you might be thinking of

What's included in the cost?

The cost of £397 + VAT includes two days of training. Lunch and training materials.

Why is the event on two days?

I (Pam Jones, Owner of Eight Interactive) will personally be helping you learn how to plan, film and edit your video.

The structure of the programme has been designed to give you some 1-2-1 support and that time only allows for 6 people across the two days.

Why is the programme on two consecutive days?

It might feel like a lot to take two days out of your business to learn how to make videos. Leaving time between day 1 and day 2 may mean you lose momentum.

Day 1 is all be about getting you camera ready and with this motivation and learning fresh in your mind, having day 2 straight after day 1 will mean you are ready to film.

Do I need to attend both days?

Yes you need to attend both days.

The programme has been designed to support you for two full days to get the full package of skills and knowledge you need to make effective video blogs.

Payment is required in full before the event, so if you don’t attend one of the days, this is non-refundable.

Do you offer refunds?

Once payment has been received, we are not able to issue refunds. So be absolutely sure you can make both days before you book a place.

Where is the venue?

The VIP will be held at the DoubleTree Hilton near Junction 16 of the M4. There is plenty of parking on site and it’s close to many major roads in the area.

What time does the VIP start?

Both days will run from 9.30am-4.30pm.

Please aim to arrive by 9-9.15 so you can grab a coffee and settle in before we start.

We’ll aim to finish by 4.30pm.