What Is A Software Demo Video?

What is software demo video

What Is A Software Demo Video?

What Is A Software Demo Video? 560 315 Pam Jones

If you have a specific software or IT system which you need to train people to use, then one way to deliver that training quickly and easily is with software demo videos.

A software demo video shows people how to do specific tasks in a software program, IT system, or online IT platform. The learning approach used in these videos is usually called “Show and Tell”.

In my experience, the most effective software demo videos should include the following four main elements:

1. The key actions you want to teach

First, plan the key tasks that you want to teach your audience.

Then outline the individual steps to go through to complete the overall task.

For example, if a demo video needed to show people how to bold a heading in Word, then:

  1. The task = How to bold a heading in Word
  2. The individual steps to complete that task are:
  • Highlight text to be bold
  • Go to Font Toolbar
  • Click on B to complete the task

A screen recording software program (like Camtasia) is then used to record the key tasks. (This is why softare demo videos are also called ‘screen recording videos’ or ‘screen capture videos’).

Recording the key tasks is the “Show” part of the learning approach.

2. Voiceover narration to explain what the video is showing

The “Tell” part of the learning approach is achieved through the video’s script. The purpose of the script is to guide and explain to the viewer what they’re seeing on the screen.

For example: The script for the making text bold make go something like else:

“To bold any text, select the text and then click on the ‘B’ icon in the Font menu. You can also use the shortcut key ‘CTRL B’ to do this quickly.”

The script is recorded using a professional voiceover artist who enacts the voice of the expert.

3. Additional graphics to emphasise key points about the learning

Depending on the script, you may need to add additional graphics which give context to the video.

4. Background music

Videos are all about engagement and adding a background music track is powerful. It helps to keep the viewer’s interest and engagement. It drives the narrative of your video forward and it creates emotion around your message.

Bringing it all together

During the video production, all the above are brought together with video effects and animation.

Usually a series of screen recording videos are created so you can teach people how to do a range of things in the IT system or software.

Example in action

Visit our software demo video page to see an example video for yourself.

Are you planning to use software demo videos for your business? Get in touch to let us know what you’re planning – we may be able to help.

To learn more about how to use video in your business, check our online video masterclass for video tips, ideas and examples.

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