Where To Use An Animated Logo?

Where To Use An Animated Logo?

In previous posts, we looked at what an animated logo is and why you should use an animated logo.

But once created, where can you use an animated logo?

There are places where you can use your animated logo.

Intro/outro of videos

Use the animated logo at the start and end of videos – like video blogs. In most cases, videos may live on your Facebook page and YouTube channel. People may come across your videos through many routes.

Having an animated logo at the start and end of videos gives your video output a professional feel. What’s more people will have no doubt who owns the video. Watch this recent video blog from us to see our animated logo in action at the end of the video.

Social media posts

Include your animated logo in other social media posts for extra engagement.

Digital marketing campaigns

If you’re using other digital marketing approaches, online or offline (like digital billboards), then an animated logo is a must.

Facebook cover page

Your business Facebook page has the option to include a cover image or cover video. Use the animated logo as the cover video so it always plays when people visit.

Contact us if you would like an animated logo created of your brand. We’d be delighted to help you.

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