Why Are Videos So Effective? YouTube Rescued Me

why are videos so effective

Why Are Videos So Effective? YouTube Rescued Me

Why Are Videos So Effective? YouTube Rescued Me 525 360 Pam Jones

Watch this video or read the story below the video which demonstrates why videos are so effective.In this situation – YouTube rescued me in an hour of need.

Here’s the story.

Recently YouTube rescued me. Let me tell you how.

It was half term and my daughter and I had a long drive to Yorkshire to visit family.

Halfway through the journey it was clear that something was wrong with the car.

It started to vibrate. The vibration got stronger and stronger over about an hour. I finally decided that we had to stop and get help.
Of course, I started to get worried. By this time we’d been in the car for 5 hours. I was getting tired. My daughter was bored and we both just wanted to get to Yorkshire. We were only about 40 miles away.

I came off the motorway and called the AA breakdown service.

As you know when your car breaks down, you usually have to wait for some time.

It was staring to get dark. And when I came off the motorway the nearest road I could stop and wait on was on a quiet and slightly deserted lane.

So now I’m getting even more worried. I explain to my daughter was happening. And gradually she’s starts to ask lots of questions as 5 year olds do.
The longer we wait, the more worried I start to feel. I didn’t want her to start to worry either – because that would add to the stress of the situation. So I need to give her something to do and not let my worry show.

So I decided to give her my phone so she can watch the YouTube app for kids. Immediately she starts to watch.

By keeping her occupied with YouTube, she was quiet and calm. She didn’t keep asking me questions. That kept me calm and focused to keep an eye out for the AA man. Eventually when The AA arrived I was able to speak to the mechanic without my daughter interrupting me. Again YouTube helped keep the situation calm. Our car got fixed and we made it to Yorkshire safely.

So you can see YouTube rescued me. It rescued us in an hour of need.

It just goes to show how effective videos are. They do so many things – they connect you to the wider world, Videos keep your audience engaged. Videos educate, sell and can communicate your message more effectively than other formats.

So my closing thought to you is – is it time you used video in your business?

There are lots of ways to use video. And you never know who you might connect with.

Your video might give you a new enquiry. It might make it easier for someone to understand what you do. Or you never know, it might even rescue someone whilst they’re waiting for an appointment or a breakdown service.

If want to have a chat about using videos in your business, then get in touch.

To learn more about how to use video in your business, check our online course for video tips, ideas and examples.

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