Why Are We Called Eight Interactive?

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Why Are We Called Eight Interactive?

One of the first things people wonder about when they work with us is the company name. They ask “Why are you called Eight Interactive?” More specifically, they want to know more about why the number eight.

One thing that doesn’t change for us is our passion for learning and how we help clients achieve their goals through elearning and video production.  So here’s an insight into the ethos behind our name and how this translates into what we do, how we work with clients and what sets us apart.

We are Eight Interactive.


The number eight means different things to different people.  To many Asian cultures it is a lucky number.  In Hinduism it is the number of wealth and abundance.  In the middle ages 8 was the number of “unmoving” stars in the sky, and symbolized the perfection of incoming planetary energy.  We like that, but to us:

eight = 4 simple characteristics that define our approach (our USPs) + our 4 stage process for delivering effective engaging e-learning & videos.

Our Four USPs

  1. Creativity – we aim to engage and inspire learners through our work.  Dull content presented as dull text does not achieve this.  We design creative and visual elearning and videos that the learner can connect with.
  2. Simplicity – ‘complex’ should not mean ‘confusing’.  We have a knack of taking complex ideas and subject matter, and simplifying them.
  3. Focus – we use a focused approach in designing learning content and video. Focus on the end learner, learning objectives and business goals.  If we do not maintain a focus on these areas, then any amount of innovative design and simplicity will not create effective learning.
  4. Fun – learning should not be dull!  We enjoy what we do and if we’re having fun creating elearning we know that our creativity, simplicity and focus will shine through, resulting in elearning that the learner enjoys in their learning process. And videos that everyone wants to watch.

Our Four Stage Process

Our four USPs are ingrained in the four stages of the process we adopt: Define; Design; Develop/Produce; Deliver.

  1. Define – fundamental to each elearning and video project we work on is an exploratory phase to understand the client requirements and the end audience. If it’s a elearning project, then during this stage we define and refine the learning objectives, and scope out the content and knowledge that needs to be designed. If it’s a video then we work with you to understand the purpose of the video and help you write the perfect script.
  2. Design – next we design the storyboard for subject matter, learner/audience.
  3. Develop/Produce – the next step for elearning courses is to develop or build the elearning. For videos, it’s very similar. We take the video’s storyboard and produce a video with any voiceover script, video effects, music and graphics. In both cases the storyboard is finally brought to life.
  4. Deliver – After detailed reviews and technical testing, the elearning or video is delivered to the client and…ultimately the audience.

The four USPs and four stages of the process comprise our “eight interactive principles of effective learning.”


A simple dictionary definition of interactive is:

(of two people or things) influencing each other.

allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user; responding to a user’s input.

Learning is an involved process.  When learning, people interact with the subject matter, their learning providers and their peers.  To be effective, elearning must be interactive but, more than that, the process of developing good elearning content must be interactive.

The interactive element of our name permeates everything we do: the eight interactive principles of effective elearning; our interaction with clients, the interaction between each stage of the process and the interaction that is enabled between what we create and the audience experiencing it.

At every stage of the process we interact with various people – subject matter experts, designers, voiceover artists, the client, and other members of the team – to ensure that the elearning or video we create always demonstrates our fours USPs.

Ultimately, what we create is an interactive learning experience.

We hope this has given an insight as to why we’re called Eight Interactive.

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