Why Use An Animated Logo?

Why Use An Animated Logo?

Why Use An Animated Logo? 560 315 Pam Jones

In previous post, we looked at what is an animated logo and where you can use them. But why should you have animated logo created?

Now let’s talk about why you should use an animated logo.

1. Brand awareness

An animated logo is a more effective means of creating brand awareness than a static one. It makes your brand pop and catches people’s attention. In busy social media feeds, attention-grabbing is crucial. So, let your animated logo work its magic in creating brand awareness.

2. Shows your business is different

An animated logo wows people. It tells everyone your business is different. How many of your competitors have an animated logo? Having one will make your business stand out from theirs.

3. Tell a quick story

In an animated logo, each element is designed to move. The designer will ask you to consider such questions as:

  • How should logo elements move?
  • What sound effects do you want to include?

Answering these questions gets you thinking about your brand from a perspective other than how the logo looks. When it’s completed, the animated logo has the power to tell a short story about your brand.

4. Consistency

Think of your animated logo as the corporate stationary of your digital content. You wouldn’t send a letter without headed paper. So why post videos and digital content without an animated logo?

Get in touch if you would like an animated logo creating for your business. We’re here to help you bring your branding to life.

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